First Family

Meet St. Paul Canton's first family: The Johnsons

First Lady Lorilei

First Lady Lorilei or "First Lady Lori" as she goes by has been married to Pastor J for 30 years. She is an educator and loves the youth. She is a Special Education Lead Teacher for APS. She is also the Sixth Episcopal District YPD Director. She loves to cook, shop, and pray. Her favorite bible scripture is 

First Daughters

Pastor J and First Lady Lori have three beautiful and intelligent daughters. Each of the them are taking over the world in their own way.
Loren (27): 8th grade Math teacher for DCSD and is currently obtaining her Master's at Georgia State University. She is a good singer and serves as the Local YPD Director at Turner Chapel AME Marrietta.
Jasmine (24): Full time student at University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign. She is very smart and intelligent. She is currently obtaining her Doctorate degree in English and Film.
Joyce (19): Full time student at Fisk University. She is very creative and always making something. She is currently obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Special Education. 

First Dogs

A dog is a man's best friend and family. The first family has four dogs who run the house. 
Coco (12): Brittany Spaniel Mix
Que (5): Pitbull
Ivy (2): Pomeranian
Zoey (2): Pitbull Mix
*Coco, Que, and Ivy shown in picture