Pastor Ferrun Johnson

Pastor Ferrun Johnson


Members of the Steward Board are appointed by the Pastor. These officers watch over the spiritual needs of the church. The Stewards meet regularly with the Pastor. They are responsible for maintaining accurate records of the membership and for watching over the church’s finances.

The Trustees are nominated by the Pastor and elected by the church. Trustees are responsible for taking care of the physical property of the church.

Stewardesses are appointed by the Pastor. Stewardesses assist in preparing the implements and elements of Holy Communion, Baptism, and other sacred services. They also dress the pulpit with coverings for the various liturgical seasons.

The Christian Education Department works with the Pastor to ensure that members of all ages are provided with opportunities for spiritual growth and development. The ministry teaches, trains, nurtures, prepares, and recruits members for service through the teaching of the Word.

  • Church School – meets each Sunday @ 9am for bible study (breakfast is served from 9-9:50am)
  • THE ZONE – Bible Study for school age youth meets each Wednesday from 5:30-7pm (Dinner is served at 6pm followed by class time in age appropriate groups from 6:30-7pm)
  • Vacation Bible School – meets annually usually during the summer months.
    2017 VBS Mega Sports Camp: May 30 th through June 2nd from 6-8pm
  • Adult Bible Study – meets on Wednesday from 7-8pm (preceded by Intercessory Prayer from 6:30-7pm)

The Class Leaders Ministry keeps up with the members of the church through regular contact with them. The Class Leaders are appointed by the Pastor.  They check on members when they are absent from church; and keep the church abreast if any are sick, hospitalized, or experiencing any spiritual or physical needs.

St. Paul’s Community Resource Specialist researches community resources available to help persons in need and makes that information accessible to members and community residents that need help.

The Dance and Mime Ministry provides an opportunity for children and teens to worship creatively through the arts. (Rehearses on Tuesday evenings @ 6:30pm)

  • The Kids for Christ (KFC) ministers through the art of mime at select worship services and special events
  • The Ladies of Christ (LOC) ministers through the art of dance and liturgical movement at select worship services and special events

The Audio-Visual Ministry ensures that services are heard clearly and pleasantly by those in attendance. Occasionally, services are videotaped and available for purchase for the purpose of evangelism and personal spiritual growth.

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry prays for members in the church and community daily.  We have a prayer conference call daily @ 6:30am.  To participate, dial 1-712-432-0460 and enter the code 890284#.  We also meet for prayer at the church each Wednesday @ 6:30 pm immediately preceding Adult Bible Study Class.

The Kitchen Committee prepares and serves nutritious snacks, refreshments, and meals at church functions and events.

The Lay Organization exists to instill in members a love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  All members of the church who are not ordained clergy are part of the Lay Organization.

The Marketing Ministry increases the congregation’s and community’s awareness about the services, ministries, events and activities St. Paul sponsors.

The Mobile Food Pantry is a partnership with Forever Fed Ministries and distributes food to families in need of grocery support on 1st Mondays at 6pm and 3rd Saturdays at 5pm. (When the first Monday falls on a holiday, food will be distributed the next day.)

The Music Department prepares and renders music for worship services and other programs and activities.  The Music Department consists of:

  • The Adult Choir – renders music on 1st Sundays
  • The Young Adult Choir– renders music on 2nd Sundays
  • The Male Choir – renders music on 3rd Sundays
  • The Youth Choir – renders music on 4th Sundays
  • The Combined Choir – renders music on 5th Sundays

Papa’s Pantry Satellite Location distributes food to families in need by appointment only on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Papa’s Pantry volunteers also stock pantry shelves, keep track of inventory, and assist with food drives. Papa’s Pantry is open on Tuesdays from 4-7pm and on Fridays from 3-5pm. Clients are assisted by appointment only. Please call 770.479.0279 for an appointment.

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry attends to the pulpit needs of the pastor, associate ministers and guest preachers.

The Sons of Allen encourages men to become involved in helping other men find a meaningful relationship with Christ.

The Taking It to the Streets Ministry and Outreach Ministry Prayer Team go out into the community to offer people outside the walls of the church an opportunity to come one step closer to Christ by spreading the love of God, offering encouragement, praying for people, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving water to the thirsty, sharing the gospel, and inviting people to trust Jesus Christ and receive salvation.

The Usher Board greets people as they come into the church and makes sure they are comfortable during the worship experience.

The Van/Transportation Ministry transports persons to/from worship services and weekday events.  (Contact church office for van pick-up schedule.)

The Women’s Ministry provides opportunities for women to fellowship with each other and to minister to each other with regard to issues that affect the lives of females of all ages.  The ministry also encourages women to lead other women to Christ.

The Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) ministers to the needs of people in our church, community and world.  The WMS sponsors activities whose end purpose is to foster missionary efforts of the local church, area, conference, and connection.

The YPD (Young Peoples Department) trains young people in our church and gives them a chance to learn, grow, and exercise their spiritual gifts in the life of the church.  St. Paul provides opportunities for children and youth to be involved in various aspects of church life through the Youth Choir, bible study, Church School, Children’s Church, Usher Board, Dance Ministry (Ladies of Christ aka “LOC”), Mime Ministry (Kids for Christ aka “KFC”).  Additionally, we plan and carry out an array of activities including but not limited to lock-ins, field trips, an Annual Fall Festival, a College Prep program, and other events in which children can participate.  We are a children friendly and teen friendly church.

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